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Spring is here and the rain continues...

> New Portfolio Gallery by media type & includes 2004-2010 works
> Added Photos and Video in the Personal / Memories section
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> The beach house site is now up at
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New content has been added to the "Personal" section of the Flash site. I have added some desktop images for download if anyone is interested.

I'm also in the process of putting together about 30 different slideshows of photos for the "Memories" section. Check back soon!

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Portfolio Gallery

Interested in seeing some samples of my work?

Click below to view my Flash site where a fully interactive set of works are on display. I apologize for not having images on display here but have opted to utilize Flash as it is the best image rights management and delivery platform at this time.

> Portfolio Gallery  


Please take a few minutes to review the areas of interest below and/or to the right for more information on how I can best serve you.

I am a designer of various physical and digital media including, but not limited to Web, print, CD-ROM, video, audio and three dimensional modeling and animation.

As an independent contractor, I am able to meet your needs directly, with services like Project Management included with every project and no middle man to miscommunicate instructions or slow down the process. I also offer instruction in various computer applications when you feel your direct editing and delivery of media is the best solution for you and your business.

Of particular note for you and your staff as you consider hiring me and my resources for your projects are my strong accomplishments in modern media as well as an artistic background as a sound foundation. My variety of media accomplishments allow me a well informed insight into collaboration efforts as well as an efficient manner of producing results technically and aesthetically.

By assigning the appropriate resources and tending to the needs of those resources, we can get the job done on time, on budget and with an end product or service that leaves you with a more appreciative understanding of my purpose in your business. I feel the closer I can be with you, the more the team can accomplish efficiently and accurately. Once we have had a chance to get to know one-another, we can immediately focus on a plan to accomplish your goals. Striking you with an initial marketing and design direction that is aligned with your internal direction can significantly increase the chances of successful execution of project goals.

Consider the following:

> Self-reliant enough to multi-task projects from start to finish with little to no assistance

> Ability to work well with you, your clients, vendors, marketing, public relations and other departments

> Massive scale of design possibilities with an extensive knowledge of image creation and content delivery options

> Positive, creative thinker

> Reliable and very flexible

Additionally, other contributions to my most recent employer were achieved by organizing all staff by building a consistent sales, legal and development structure through collateral and procedures. This allowed a virtual company, with employees scattered across the state, to function and appear as a cohesive team which allowed for interaction with companies such as Sony Ericsson, Wonderbra, UNC Health Care, Goodwill, Michael Crichton's Timeline Studios, the Mia Hamm Foundation and the Final Four Men's Basketball Tournament to name a few.

After 8 years in professional design, I have an understanding for the organization and communication it takes to make large or complex projects soar. My real love, of course, is hands-on creation of the viewers' experience. I welcome the chance to not only create distinct visual, audible, and interactive experiences, but to spend time developing a solid idea on which everything is built. The ability to instill a truly unique idea exemplifies the distinction between someone who can create and someone truly creative.

I can scale a project's design, development, and review deliverables to best reach your project goals efficiently. Deliverables, or chances for you to review and provide feeback, can be scaled in number to significantly modify the price of the project to meet your requirements and budget without affecting the overall quality of the finished piece. Pricing is often generated on a per-project basis or on an hourly basis if necessary.

I can work with you no matter what your budget restraints allow. As an example, Web sites on the average can go from $300 to $300,000 depending on your requirements and the proceedures required to meet those requirements.

If you are seeking an honest, hard-working intellectual who stays abreast of current technologies and procedures and who is as career-committed as it takes to achieve success, then please consider what I have to offer. I would be happy to have a preliminary discussion with you to see if we can establish a direction and understanding of your media needs.

With a wide variety of media available in my arsenal...what wonders we could create.

Take a look at my Services section as well as the rest of the site. If you like what you see or have something in mind not described here, give me a call and we can discuss your project.

Thank you for spending the time to read my thoughts. I am available at any time, 24/7, and look forward to exploring the opportunity to work with you.

Yours truly,



I pride myself on producing media rich projects devoted to improving professional design through the balance of form and function.

The experience of the intended audience, the primary goal, must be the most important endeavor in the production without exceeding the scope, time and financial limits of the project.

Secondary objectives can be established to ensure our project fullfills what we have set out to accomplish.

As we all know, change happens every minute of every day and the needs of your project may change as well.

In my experience, I have found the parameters of most projects DO change in various degrees through the course of the projects' development in order to accommodate information and imagery not available during the projects' intial planning.

Through those experiences I have trained myself to ask the right questions from the beginning to see if there is a possibility of the projects' expansion. If this does not provide sufficient room for which the project can grow, I am certainly flexible enough to make those changes while attempting to predict where issues may arise before they are a "problem". In most cases, we could find a low cost solution to your change in order and, in some cases, keep the project on track with minimal delay.


> Project Proposal experience from initial meetings through scope, cost, and scheduling estimation.

> Project Manager duties have been sharpened by interacting directly with clients and vendors as well as indirectly through companies such as a marketing firms that manage the clients' needs and outsource the media development.

> Art Director experience from managing a staff of designers in various media while working with staff in other areas of development such as programming and copy writing.

> Over 10 years experience in graphic design, 7 years with web development, 7 years in 3D modeling and animation, and 8 years in video and interactive multimedia for CD-ROM and broadband Internet delivery.

> Willing to listen and learn. I truly appreciate the chance to hear the client speak. Subtleties of ideas or expressions are best heard first-hand to ensure there is no failure of proper translation. I  also constantly strive to stay on top of current tools and technologies that allow a more intuitive and immersive experience for the viewer.

> Willing to speak up and contribute my opinion or technical specifications when beneficial to the client and project. I have found this to be something most people need since everyone isn't a designer or developer. If information is not shared, the project will simply not come close to it's potential.


(Concurrent with Education)

> 1996-Present
Independent Contractor - Art Director
I oversee the entire process, interacting with clients and third parties from the planning and proposal process through project design, production, programming, testing, installation and completion.

> 1998-2003
Senior Designer and subsequently Art Director for Design Nation, Inc.
Duties included overseeing design staff, interacting with client, sales and project managers from proposal process through project design, production, programming, testing, installation and completion.

> 1997
Interface Design/Illustrated splash screen
Graphics were included on a companion CD-ROM to the Delphi 3 Cooperative Computing (Client/Server) Book for Borland Press by author James Callen, III of Gordian Solutions, Inc.

> 1997
Printed Materials Design
Produced flyers, brochures and forms for the Scottish Hills Recreation Club. Designs enhanced the effectiveness of the pool facilities and activities.

> 1996
Web Designer
Developed graphics and animations for the Carolina Panthers Radio Network web site for Sam Matheny of Interpath. Administered images to convey the streaming audio components of the weekly games and Panther Talk show.

> 1992-1997
Publicity Director
Designed and implemented all visual communication devices necessary to promote campus and city awareness of the East Carolina Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity. I also contributed with a poster and t-shirt design for the 1993 Delta Chi Regional Conference.

> 1993-1994
Publicity Designer
Produced newspaper and magazine ads, t-shirts, billboards and signs to promote S & S Watersports on Topsail Island. The marketing message, graphics and illustrations focused on Waverunner and beach supply rentals.

Education & Affiliations

> East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
School of Art

B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts), received May 1997
Special Emphasis:
Interactive Multimedia (no degree available at that time) and Communication Arts
National Dean's List 1996 and 1997
Fall '95 - Spring '97 Avg GPA 3.625

> Member,
ECU Ceramics Guild 1994-97
Participated in a Baltics Study abroad in Finland, Estonia and Russia in the summer of 1996

> Member,
Delta Chi (social fraternity) active 1992-97, still involved
Advertising/Publicity Director, Executive Board "G", Associate Social Chairman, Rush Chairman

> Member,
Triangle Interactive Marketing Association 2001-2003
Developed the inaugural Web site which is still currently in use -

> Member,
ARTS North Carolina 2003-2004
Developed a variety of statewide and online media promoting the Arts in N.C. -


> Interactive

Multimedia CD-ROM Presentations
PowerPoint Presentations
Basic Director Presentations
Flash Presentations
Flash Web Site Design
Flash Web Site Production
Flash Web Site Programming
Web Site Interface and Content Design
Web Site Production
Web Site Programming
Web Site Testing
Site Maintenance & Updates
Intranet Interface Design
Extranet Interface Design
Client Web Space Interface Design
Web Site Templates for General, Sales & Marketing Use
Web Application Interface Design
Web Application Interface Templates
Application Interface Design
Online Promotional Media
Online Presentation Design
Online Presentation Production
Kiosk Interface Design
Interactive & Static Screensavers
HTML Emails
HTML Email Templates
GIF Banner Ads
Flash Banner Ads
CD-ROM Interface Graphics
DHTML Presentations
Interface Design
GUI - Graphical User Interface Design
Accessibility Enhancement for the handicapped and text readers
QuickTime VR with hotspots

> Visualization

Graphic Design
Corporate Identity Logos
Corporate Identity Enhancement
Style Guides
Conceptual 3D Art
3D Modeling
3D Texturing
3D Animations
Trade Show Booth Design
Flash Presentation Loops for Tradeshows
Video Presentation Loops for Tradeshows
Promotional, Sales & Training Videos
Video Optimization for CD-ROM and Web Delivery
Desktop Images
QuickTime VR

> Print

Business Cards
Print & Digital Stationary
Sales Collateral
Point Of Purchase Displays
Print Ads
CD Labels
CD Covers
CD Jacket Design
Book Covers
Direct Mail
Multimedia Mailers
Trade Show Booth Design
Word Docments
Word Templates

> Services

Art Director
Technical Advisor

Information Architecture
Media-wide Branding

Project Management

> Traditional

Graphite Illustration
Pen & Ink Illustration
Charcoal Illustration
Pastel Illustration
Acrylic Paintings
Oil Paintings
Mixed Media Illustration
Basic Environmental Design (Architecture and the surrounding area)
Ceramic Sculpture
Ceramic Pottery
Mixed Media Sculpture

For examples some of these media types please visit my Portfolio Gallery.


My skills include, but are not limited to:

  > Photo/ Image Creation, Manipulation and Correction
> Vector Graphics
> Illustration
> Three-Dimensional Modeling, Texturizing and Animation
> Interactive Multimedia
> Desktop Publishing
> Audio Production and Editing
> Digital Video Production and Editing
> Web Development

Take a lookat the technologies below (scroll) if your project has particular requirements. I can certainly clarify if you are not the techno-savvy type. Plain English is always available. :)

Proficient working knowledge in these applications:

Adobe Acrobat v5
Adobe GoLive v3.0-6.0
Adobe Illustrator v 8.0.1
Adobe Photoshop v 5.5
Adobe Premiere v 4.21-6.0
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (6)
Macromedia Flash v3-MX (6)
Microsoft Excel '98
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Mac/PC) v3.01-5.1
Microsoft PowerPoint '98
Microsoft Word '98
Netscape Navigator (Mac/PC) v3.01-7.02
Opera v5.0
Poser v2.0-4.0
ScreenTime for Flash 1.3.5c (Mac/PC screensaver creation)
SoundEdit 16 v 1.0.1-2.0
Strata StudioPro v1.5.2-2.5
Peak v2.03

General knowledge of these applications:

Adobe After Effects v4.1
Adobe Streamline v 2.2
Apple iDVD
Avid VideoShop v 3.0.2
Corel Custom Photo
Elastic Reality v 1.2
Fontographer v 4.1
Graphic Converter
Kai's Power Goo
KPT Bryce v1.0-4.0
Flash Action Scripting
Lingo scripting language for Macromedia Director
Macromedia Director v 3.0 - 5.0
Afterburner to Shockwave for Director 4 & 5
QuarkXPress v 3.31
Reason v2.0
Specular LogoMotion v 1.5
Virtual PC - Windows '98

Technologies Used:

Accessibility for the handicapped for Web
Apple MacOS 9.2 & OS X
Apple QuickTime Video
Apple QuickTime VR
Cross Platform File Delivery Standards (Mac/PC)
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets v 1.0 & 2.0
Ethernet network
File Compression - ZipIt & Stuffit
Firewire network
JavaScript - some manipulation & implementation
Java Applets - some manipulation & implementation
PDF workflow
Real Audio
Real Video
Microsoft ASP - Active Server Pages - some minor manipulation & implementation
Microsoft Windows '98 - general web testing
Microsoft Windows Media Video
USB network

Please review my Portfolio Gallery for examples of the usage of these skills and technologies.

Case Study: 1

Inveresk Research

Inveresk Research is one of the world's largest Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and provides a full range of development services for Pre-clinical and Clinical Pharmaceutical, Animal Health, Chemical and Agrochemical products.


Inveresk Research needed to develop a new website that would encompass all that was contained within the then current Inveresk Research site and the information contained within the ClinTrials Research site which they acquired along with the company during early planning. With a variety of services offered, the challenge was to make a site that was quickly navigable and information that was categorized so that it would be relevant to the end user. Easy editing of the site by their staff was also a requirement, so that constant updates to a variety of areas could be possible.


As I turned the design direction towards a sense of physicality and clinical cleanliness, we found that incorporating cool blue colors with dark blue gave us the right combination to balance a warm yellow. That would in turn work to bring the corporate identity colors into the design without making it muddy or too flashy. As navigation was a large focus, we decided to use a custom rollover script that would make navigation into deeper levels of the site possible and allow us to continue the style of the design into sub menus that would slide down from the main menu items at the top. The left column was dedicated to providing a sub menu for relevant items from the current location within the site. This combination allows users to swiftly get to more specific information and allows experienced return users to jump around where necessary. Additional specifications called for a very large form to be included where investigator recruitment could be simplified and available to anyone with Internet access around the world. Instructional time was also included to give Inveresk Research editors a starting point to editing their own new web site.

Up until early 2004 they have done an excellent job updating from a technical standpoint and constantly keep content current. I applaud their determination.

The site I developed for them is no longer available online but did remain active and up-to-date for a number of years. Please view the Portfolio Gallery in my Flash site for a glimpse of the outcome of the project in which I was involved.

Case Study: 2

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave is one of the leading producers of fiber optic cables and accessories in the world. With their offices located in Research Triangle Park in Durham, they provide customers from all parts of the globe with premium cabling products for all environments.


Marketing firm Rockett, Burkhead & Winslow (RBW) came to a company I have worked with for their client Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) that was in need of a major change in their existing website. At that time, their site was very basic in nature providing only the vital details of a few products so it was at least functional for some of their main customers. Design was very minimal, if existent, and only where necessary, primarily the home page. Navigation was level by level with scattered text links to progress to more particular information. There was also a lack of ability for the owners of the site to update specific ever-changing areas of information when needed. From where we stood it was obvious this would be quite a bit more than just an update to the existing visual and information structure.


Working under the lead of RBW we started over from scratch and analyzed how their customer, the site's users, would approach finding what they were looking for on the Sumitomo Electric Lightwave site. In SEL's product line-up there are vast minor differences among certain product categories like fiber optic cables that must be presented as separate products for separate needs while maintaining some logical structure to the navigation to this more detailed information. We concluded that with their customers coming from various industries in a technical area containing so many options through their products that their products could be presented as services and could be broken down within industries so the customer is provided with some expert advice on what products to use. It was also noted that with these vast part numbers a more direct navigation would be in order.

With this realization, an Inktomi Enterprise Search solution was implemented to give power users the ability to jump to only relevant information within 2 mouse clicks. For those power users not relying on the search, we developed and implemented a javascript that would allow a user to roll their cursor over the primary menu to the left of the content area, resulting in the display of a list of menu items within that category. This feature would allow users to quickly jump around to different products or services since the implementation of a working fiber optic system involves many more parts than simply the cable itself. Search results and other reports that were possibly displayed among the results were formatted to take on the intended design direction. Subsequent levels of navigation were presented on the right side of the content allowing the user to progress further into more specific information.

RBW was responsible for the overall design of the site, presenting Dean Flory with PDF and Photoshop files as a reference for building the design in web format. Dean Flory worked with RBW as a web advisor, pointing out potential problems where apparent and giving advice on other functionality that would tie into the design and provide a more pleasant interface. Multiple navigational levels were composed by RBW in a generic fashion, then handed over as templates to Dean Flory to implement across all areas of the site. Dean Flory provided options, with the design being in web format, such as text link rollovers but stayed consistent with the design templates. Experience with web issues such as technical composition proved positive on our part as we corrected many issues presented by the templates and lists of future features that were in the planning stages. Halfway through development of the site Sumitomo made the decision to change the design since they were suddenly not satisfied with the overall image that RBW developed. Dean Flory then studied the site and provided multiple development rounds of new designs that would have minimal impact on the technical structure of the site. Upon agreement of the new direction by RBW and SEL, Dean Flory made the necessary changes across the entire site. Additional alterations to the content area were also implemented multiple times in order to present newly established content that was added later in the development process once finalized.

An additional programmer also implemented Active Server Pages (ASP) to allow Sumitomo's human resources department to add and remove job openings when necessary. ASP was also developed for the News section of the site providing Sumitomo's marketing department with the ability to add and remove press releases when they are made public. An ASP admin tool was created to make this updating process as easy as filling in a few form fields and clicking submit. Templates provided by Dean ensured a cohesive interface.

Upon completion of Phase I of this project we successfully delivered, uploaded, and customized a site that functions well in the major browsers giving Sumitomo Electric Lightwave customers a wealth of information at their finger tips. With this online tool, SEL's staff could also utilize the site in the field whenever necessary to provide their customers and potential customers with the data they need to formulate their own solution.

To formulate your own opinion of my work with RBW and SEL please visit the Sumitomo Electric Lightwave site here:



Advantax (Financial)
  > Presentation
Alphanumeric Systems Inc. (IT Systems & Education)
  > Web Site
Aramark (Food Service)
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ARTS North Carolina (Non-Profit Organization)
  > Web Site
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  > Logo
  > Business Cards
  > Print & Digital Stationary
  > HTML E-mails
  > Internal Web Site
  > Client Webspace
  > Sales Collateral
  > Trade Show Presentation
  > Promo Video
  > Sales Presentation
  > Sales Promotion Packages
  > Print Ad
  > Site Maintenance
  > Technology Advisor
  > Art Director
Drug Safety Alliance (Pharmaceutical Testing)
  > Web Site
Eagle Quest Travel (Travel)
  > Corporate Identity
  > Letterhead
  > Envelope
  > Business Cards
  > Magnet
Early Design Group (Design) - Bell & Howell (Technology)
  > Flash Presentation Loop
  > Screensaver
Edie Raether (Change Strategist Speaker)
  > Folder
  > Label
For Sale By Owner (Online Real Estate)
  > Web Site Update
Giant Head Software (Software) - Bali & Barely There (Retail)
  > Bali HTML Email
  > Barely There Banner Ads
Goodwill Community Foundation (Non-Profit Organization)
  > Pen & Ink Illustration
  > Corporate Identity Enhancement
Gordian Solutions, Inc. (Publishing)
  > CD-ROM Interface Graphics
Greeville Parents of Multiples (Community)
  > Web Site
Drug Safety Alliance (Pharmaceutical Testing Data)
  > Web Site
ICOM - Interlink Communications (ISP - Internet Service Provider)
  > Corporate Identity
  > Letterhead
  > Envelope
  > CD-ROM Label
  > CD-ROM Start Screen (Seen on TV)
  > Business Cards
InterAdnet (Marketing)
  > DHTML Online Presentation
  > Banner Optimization & Formatting
  > Web Site Navigation Update
Inveresk Research (CRO) / ClinTrials Research (Clinical Trials Research)
  > Web Site
IRG - Internet Research Group -,, (Portal)
  > 3 Web Site Templates
John Wells Studio (Artistic Furniture & Ecology)
  > Temporary Web Site Splash
J.M. Edwards Jewelers (Jewelry)
  > Web Site Designs
Lipsinc (Online Communications Technology)
  > Corporate Identity
  > Flash Web Site Interface Concepts
  > Concept Art
Meridian Software, Inc. (Technology) - FujiFilm (Software & Media Manufacturing)
  > FujiFilm MQMS Application Interface
Mia Hamm Foundation (Non-Profit Organization)
  > Mia Ham Foundation Golf Classic Logo
MicroEdge / Newtek (Software)
  > Interactive Multimedia Presentation CD-ROM
Microspace Communications Corporation (Satellite Broadcasting)
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National Financial Solutions - Jeremy Jaynes (Financial)
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Since every project has it's own goals and requirements it would be impossible to have one golden process that could cover all projects.

For that reason, I have decided to take the most common project in my experience and use it as an example for how I could meet project goals. However, I am flexible in how I can work, which is certainly a basis for development of a specific process for your project if your ideas and preferences differ from my example below. This is just a generic example for those not experienced with professional media development or curious as to how I work.

Here I have tried to describe the process in as little marketing and techno lingo as possible. If at any point you get lost and would like for me to describe it further please call me. ;)

Example Process

> Initial Contact
My phone rings or my inbox dings and you're on the other end. If you reside in my area, we would probably agree to meet face-to-face to discuss the project you have in mind. I have also successfully worked with people in other parts of the world without ever meeting them, and in some cases without ever hearing their voices. E-mail is such a blessing except for those 101 SPAM emails I must drudge through each day...argh, capital punishment I say.

> Initial Meeting / Strategy Definition
I come out to meet with you to discuss initial project goals and parameters. We develop a general understanding for the project's direction and agree on certain next steps in order to move forward. In my experience, many people wait until they are pressed for a dealine in order to contact a designer/developer. If you have a project planned well in advance, and are only in initial ideas stages please give me a call and we can discuss your project. Many times I can shed light on certain technical areas that would make further planning much easier on your end.

> Tactical Planning, Documentation and Proposal
From the information gathered at our initial meeting I will delve straight into the details of the process required for the project. Tactical planning for all resources required will allow us to produce documentation of the requirements of the project. Documents of the requirements can include but are not limited to site maps, schedules, storyboards and any other visual and data-based aids.

Site maps are an outline of all content as it would be structured within a web site or multimedia project. They can display the most obvious primary menu areas to the most specific information regarding options like PDF documents, databases, special coding and sub content delineations within a particular page. Many times, a site map will change through the course of the project to aid in visualizing requested changes.

Schedules allow us to work backwards from your particular deadline to so we may plan wisely when it comes to initial steps through project completion. It is importand for us to keep on a tight schedule to meet your deadline. Failure to meet each parties' dependencies can result in the project's development extending beyond the initial deadline. Steps can be taken in some instances to get the project back on track though this would require additional fees associated with the project becoming a rush job.

Storyboards are used for projects based on a particular timeline such as Flash animations and videos. These very rough sketches aid us in determining composition and timing for the various scenes and elements within the animated sequence. Storyboards are often produced after the initiation of the project but may be used in advance of the proposal project to determine the scope of the project.

Once the scope of the project is outlined using the various documentation mentioned above, we take this information and apply it to a system of production where we can best evaluate fair pricing for the project. Pricing varies from one medium to the next depending on the technical difficulty and specialization required to meet the requirements. I often propose pricing for a project on a per-project basis instead of hourly. This will allow us for a better scope of work and leaves no surprises at the end. If the project requires additional development of items such as extra design rounds or the addition of a page here or there I can certainly price those items individually. If the scenario calls for it, I can produce an hourly rate, though I believe all would agree that a per-project price leaves the project with a bit more room for tiny edits here and there that always seem necessary and it will not feel like I am constantly harrassing you for acceptance on additional item prices.

> Content Development
In this phase of the project we will use the documentation developed as an outline for what types of information such as text content, photographs, other imagery, data tables, source video, audio, and technical items such as third party tools are necessary for the project's completion. Once we have a good understanding of what is required we can gather, develop and organize these different sources for integration into the our final media destination.

Copy writing service are available for an additional fee. We can use the steps above to outline what is required, the message you would like to get across and the tone and perspective in which you would like the text content to be written. Intial rounds of copy development can be sent via email for review and comments. Once content is finalized and design rounds are complete, copy will be inserted where applicable into the project's development files.

> Design
The design phase of your project can originate from pre-defined styles your company has in place or be created from "scratch" to match your current marketing and identity direction.

For example purposes, we will say this phase includes three client review cycles. Rounds of design and review can be limited or expanded to fit your particular budget. The term "round" refers to a particular deliverable which may or may not include review, for instance, after a final review I may make edits to designs in order to make sure it matches your intended direction.

The project's initial round of design might consist of three different design explorations where I try some different approaches to see what works. Within these "explorations" or sets, we might have a design for the home page, another as a generic template and another for pop-up windows if required.

A second round of design could build upon the previous round's chosen design elements that contains two design explorations. I usually tell clients that they don't need to feel constrained by choosing one particular design set from the first round, but that they can comment on any ideas or styles they like or dislike that could be merged into the designs for this second go-around.

The final round of design should really be about refining the final design layout. At this point in the process we should have tackled primary issues with elements such as composition, color, imagery, fonts, etc. In Round 3 we will be focused on tweaking little things here and there to make the flow of the message, design or animations more cohesive. Small edits such as moving a header over a few pixels or changing a menu item's color to somthing with more contrast so it is easier to read.

At this point, the design phase, we have designs that are usually static in nature and are not yet in a format that allows interactivity or animation, thus, they will be presented for graphical critique only.

In order to proceed with the remainder of the project, all designs and content should be in their final form and accepted/signed-off by you. Edits to either of these once we begin production will require an additional cost.

> Production
Production is a term used to identify the phase in a project where designs and content are complete and we move forward to the final media format whether it is HTML for web or PAL for european format video. Here is where we start "making" the product you essentially require.

In web production I would begin by slicing apart the design into smaller graphics for placement into a table or floating box. Additional graphics not displayed in the comps (compositions a.k.a. designs) from the design may be generated to provide additional graphic button states or animation frames. Web development, from a design sense, usually ends up as a bitmap (photo), vector art (coordinates/points and curves/line art) or a video file. Media for plug-ins might also provide the user with the ability to view and interact with 3D objects and environments, cool, but with dialup and old processors still being a large chunck of the online population's computer specs we find quantity and detail a limitation for ideas.

Flash, like the plug-in you are using to view this site, can now handle many of these different media file types with grace and scalability while currently having great saturation in the market (lotta people have some version of the plug-in already installed).

> Programming
Creating digital formats such as Web sites and CD-ROMs or even newer formats such as screensavers and animated, dynamic desktops that use Flash all use some type of technology and often require massive amounts of coding.

From low complexity programming such as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to more complex, yet feature-laiden, languages like Actionscript for Flash which continually makes improvements to include other scripting languages like Javascript to increase it's developer base, I can handle many of your projects. Simply put, if I feel I am too novice for any programming project I will call the right person to make it happen. Too often are projects taken on by designers and progarmmers only to find they can't continue and by then it's the deadline is in 5 hours. I know my limitations at that very moment and can judge and provide my opinon for what is best for YOU and YOUR PROJECT's outcome. You always come first.

On the other hand, I continually better myself by learning new things in all aspects of the process. I will almost always test something first if I have no history with that particular technology or method. Sometimes I may not have created something exact to your specifications, but I can identify the technical specifications required and know that I can produce what you require. You will find I am a extremely honest person and will always provide my professional opinion whether it is my best interest or not Call with any questions at any time, I'm here for you.

This phase includes the programming of any back-end functionality as well as any technical implementation required to bring the media from the production phase into our working interactive project. Usually all coding required on all the pages of the site is placed in a template file from which I would then duplicate to create additional sections or subsections.

For print projects this section would represent color correction, comping of folds, bleeds, and paper stock choice.

> Testing
It is important to establish a clear direction with a single template before the rest of the site is created. Initial testing would be made prior to duplication of other pages to ensure bugs in the code are not replicated. It is much easier to test one page than to test 50 or so after the fact. Development time for your project can be quickly used up if bugs or changes to content are to be made consistently across each page of the Web site after the site is populated from this template.

So you better understand, this template I mention does not necessarily have to be visible through a Web browser, it could simply be invisible tags and each page of the site could be designed differently with totally separate graphics. It could be just a foundation of coding standards, keywords, page desriptions or other elements needed in a repetitious fashion.

Once I have the site areas established, production on inserting content is completed and coding is tested. I will upload a web format deliverable for you to review on my development server through your Web browser. At this time you will need to throughly review every facet of the site's implementation and content. We could then discuss any minor changes you need to the site.

After all edits have been received, I will make them where applicable and upload a new version of the site for final review on my server. Usually any changes required beyond this point that are not bugs or defects on my part are considered out of the scope of the project. Without this limitation and warrant for additional paid development time, we could go on editing the site forever. Edits can be made, but additional proposals or change orders would be required.

Example areas tested in this part of the process are compatibility among the major browsers and browser versions, functionality, download time, download consistency when referring to streaming video, server/system stress and usability testing to ensure the end user's experience is in line with our intial direction and specifications.

If your project is a print project I would now triple-check all colors for spot color printing and document setup to ensure all elements are noted to provide the printer with instructions and outlines for bleeds and page layout.

> Publication / Media Transfer
Once the site is acceptable to you, I will publish it on your Web server to make the site function at your domain name/site address ( This will make the site live. Additional tests are made to ensure your server and the installation of the files perform properly.

In cases where the project is a CD-ROM presentation, this part of the process would involve replication of a gold master duplicate to produce 100 or however many CDs you need. Distribution of mailers or CD-ROMs is not included but can be arranged with outside service bureaus. Many times it is worth the extra money to allow them to mail your customers the media we produce if quantities are high and your time is minimal or non-existant.

> Project Wrap-up
Here we determine that the project is totally complete and that not further action is required. This can be over the phone, via email or a face-to-face meeting if absolutely necessary.

> Archiving & Delivery
One copy of the final media (web, print, etc.) and development files will be delivered to you on CD-ROM via U.S. Mail. Priority shipping for overnight delivery is available at an extra cost. If your budget is on the extremely low end, or the project is very small, I can provide a downloadble file containing all the project files instead of delivery on CD-ROM. If stipulated in the proposal, both methods of delivery can be produced if short term deadlines require such.

> Instruction / Tutorial
Instruction for updating items like websites that were created with client editing in mind can be scheduled as well, please call for pricing. Pricing for instruction is not necessarily cheap since it does, in a way, put me out of business. It is a very reasonable option though if your situation requires you to make daily, weekly or monthly updates. Technology has come a long way in 8 years. I can develop your site to be easily editable with certain text areas that a text editor or a more advanced HTML editor such as Adobe GoLive or Macromedia Dreamweaver could open and edit. Microsoft products such as Front Page are not recommended but could still be used as a tool for development and instruction if necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to understand a bit more about the development process and how small steps will help us, together as a team, create the big picture for you, your company or your organization.


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